Queensland Kartaway and Waste Management in Australia

The National Waste Report 2010 is a first step towards establishing baseline data and developing a strong and comprehensive knowledge base on waste management and resource recovery in Australia.  Some key findings were:

Waste generated:

  • In 2006–07 43, 777, 000 tonnes of waste were generated in Australia.
  • The construction and demolition waste stream contributed the most at 38 per cent,
  •  The commercial and industrial waste stream contributed 33 per cent
  • The municipal solid waste stream contributed 29 per cent.

The amount of waste generated grew by 31 per cent between 2002–03 and 2006–07. If waste generation grows at 4.5percent per year, Australia will generate 81,072,593 tonnes of waste in 2020–21. Each person in Australia generated around 2080 kilograms (2.08 tonnes) of waste in 2006–07, of which 1080kilograms (1.08 tonnes) was recycled and 1000 kilograms (1.0 tonnes) were sent to landfill


In 2006–07  21, 069, 000 tonnes or 48 per cent of Australia’s waste went to landfill.
In Australia there were at least 665 landfills operating in 2008. Australia has sufficient landfill capacity for the immediate future in most of the larger urban centres. There has been improvement in landfill standards in Australia in the past 20 years, with many larger landfills having controls such as leachate management systems, liners and landfill gas capture. Controls could be further improved for small-to medium sized landfill sites.

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More information on the National Waste Report 2010 at http://www.environment.gov.au/settlements/waste/publications/pubs/fs-national-waste-report-2010.pdf

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