Like Kartaway Queensland FB for a Free Skip

Now you can win a free 3m skip bin simply by liking the Kartaway Queensland Facebook page. Just go to
click on  ‘Like’ and you will be in the running with the first 400 ‘likes’ on the page to win a free 3m skip bin.  Whether you live in Brisbane, The Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast if you win you will get a free skip delivered to your place and picked up again once it’s full at no cost.

What can you use a 3m skip bin for? 

  • Builders & Landscapers – A great size for a final clean-up at the end of a job.
  • Homeowners – You can dispose of all those items you can’t put in the recycling bin at home. Get rid of bricks, old white goods, green waste, concrete, old car parts and excess soil and clay.
  • Home Renovators – You can dispose of old bricks, timber, sheet iron, old tiles and old bathroom fittings.

How much waste fits in a 3m skip bin?
It’s  about the same amount of waste you would put out on the footpath for a council hard waste collection.

What is the advantage of a skip bin?
You don’t need to wait for a council hard waste collection day.  You can use the skip bin whenever you need to get rid of your waste. You can get rid of sorts of waste the council won’t take. You’ll find that council hard waste collection has limitations on the types of waste permitted, which doesn’t always fit the type of waste you need to get rid of.

Call 1300 362 362 to order a bin to suit your job and remember to like the Kartaway Queensland Facebook page

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