Queensland Waste Management – A Novel Approach

Queensland does not have the overcrowding problems that the city of Sydney are experiencing and therefore not quite the same problems with overflowing rubbish in city residential areas.  It was so severe in one inner suburb of Sydney that the Council has decided upon a waste management strategy that involves residents having pin numbers to access chutes to dump their rubbish into!  The chutes lead to an underground waste collection area and incorporates scissor lifts to bring the rubbish bins up to street level for emptying.

Kartaway has helped many of their corporate customers and schools with similar rubbish management problems.  One of their customers had so many wheelie bins on the loading dock that they couldn’t receive goods.  Kartaway introduced their nifty CP50 compactor units, one for recycling cardboard and one for general waste.  As the units are compact and don’t take up much room they were able to find an underutilised space where they could be placed, out of the way.  The compactors compact waste down so the frequency of pick- ups is minimised and the space required for storage of waste is also minimised.

With the introduction of the compactor unit the loading dock was freed of wheelie bins and deliveries could once again be received.  The friendly team in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Cold Coast are experienced in waste management and are willing and able to assist your organisation to develop a unique waste management plan that answers all your needs.  Contact Kartaway Queensland on 1300 362 362 and speak to an account manager about your waste needs and how a he can develop a customised waste management program for your organisation.

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