Queensland Waste Management Smooth Operators

Satisfied contractors make for a smooth operation when it comes to running a waste management business. State Manager for Kartaway Queensland, Blair O’Brien is delighted to announce that Andrew Burton from A & C Company has signed up as a contractor for another two years following five successful years contracting to Kartaway, picking up and delivering waste for their customers in Brisbane.

Andrew has also upgraded his truck enabling Kartaway to offer improved services to their customers. The new truck is a IZUZU FRR600 GVM 11t with a West Trans Bi-Fold Hoist. The new truck has the capacity to pick up a greater volume 7.5GVM – 11 GVM whereas his previous truck of 7.5t had a lower capacity and he could only service 2m and 3m bins. He is now able to service 4m bins and with the better hoist (Bi-Fold) he can also provide a faster changeover of bins onsite.  With this increased capacity Andrew and Kartaway can service more clients in a day and provide a more efficient service.

As well as 2m,3m and 4m bins Kartaway can also supply Brisbane customers with 6m, 12m, 15m walk in bins with doors at rear and 23m and 3m walk in bins.. They also have branches on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

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