Rod McDonald New Sunshine Coast Regional Manager for Waste Management Company

Kartaway Queensland Waste Management Company are glad to welcome their new Sunshine Coast Regional Manager, Rod McDonald who has 25 years experience in the horticultural, landscaping and construction industries. During that time he established effective communication channels and successful relationships with people across these industries. He says “Treating all stakeholders in my business as equally important links in the supply chain ensures that input from everyone contributes to optimum efficiency and delivers required outcomes to all.” Rod is also experienced in the efficient management of warehousing and operations, ensuring the maintenance of sufficient stock levels to service the needs of clients and deliver within timeframes required. The skills developed in these industries will translate well into his new career path, managing a thriving waste management company.

Undertaking a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2009/2010, he put a theoretical framework around the experience he gained throughout his career. He has found this invaluable in providing a much better understanding of the many principles involved in running a business, including strategic management, financial and human resources management, corporate governance, cultural issues on a business and geographic level and for developing his own leadership.

Contributing to Industry Associations, he has taken active roles as President, Secretary and general committee member. In addition to getting to know his clients better in a social atmosphere he has found this involvement also provided a deeper understanding of the problems and issues facing businesses involved in the respective industries.

Rod says “I am looking forward to the challenges of working in the waste industry, getting to know and understand the issues facing us and our clients and using this to further strengthen and grow the Kartaway brand. I am excited at the prospect of continuing to learn the operational side of the business while at the same time putting my understanding of management and administrative functions into action to implement strategies and processes to streamline the operation of the Sunshine Coast branch of Kartaway Qld.”  To discuss your waste management strategies call Rod on 07 5443 4048.

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