Accused Murderer Linked to Tyre Stockpiling and Toxic Fire

Further to a recent blog about the concern the industry associations have regarding the recent removal of tyre storage from Queensland’s Department of Environment Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) in the Environmental Protection Regulation, another fire caused by tyre stockpiling broke out in Western Sydney four weeks ago.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported on November 18th that this fire is linked to an accused murderer, Ron Medich.  He is a part owner of Carbon Polymers, the company that had stockpiled the tyres.  The fire almost gutted a tyre dump in Smithfield and the company has now been expelled from the site. In New South Wales alone there have been 256 blazes over the past five years caused by tyres.

Unfortunately, a criminal element has crept into the tyre disposal market.  Offering a cheap rate to dispose of tyres, the unsuspecting customer is told the tyres are being stored temporarily.  The reality is the used tyres are stored in facilities that are not purpose built to offset the risk of long lasting “oil fires” generated by waste tyres and the tyres are stockpiled. Grant Musgrove, CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling, has warned of this criminal element and recent disclosures by the Sydney Morning Herald are disturbing.  When disposing of tyres customers should be asking how and where the tyres are being disposed of.

Using a reputable company to organise the recycling of tyres is recommended.  Kartaway Queensland are a leading waste management company and will collect used tyres, ensuring that the tyres are then sent to bona fide recyclers.  Customers can then rest assured that the disposal of their tyres has not had a negative impact on the environment or to human health. Grant Musgove has warned the Department of the Environment that fires caused by tyres have a high environmental and health cost, affecting waterways, soil and the air.

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