Kartaway Queensland Supplying Bins to Airport, School, Police Station and More

Kartaway Queensland has been helping out some interesting customers lately.  BSC Airport Systems for example who are carrying out works at the Brisbane International Airport, where old aerobridges are being removed and new ones are being installed on the tarmac.  The 12m3 bin supplied will store all the construction and demolition waste during the operations, then be picked up by Kartaway once the job is completed or the bin full.   It is anticipated that the works will not be lengthy. Another customer, Multi Span are constructing a two storey industrial building for storage and distribution of recycled goods at Polytrade Recycling.  Kartaway have supplied a 6m3 bin for the construction material waste created during the building process.

Clients and needs vary greatly, as is evident by this mix. Kartaway are supplying a 6m3 bin during the refurbishment of the Foley Building including 6 multi purpose classrooms and art & science classrooms for Brigidine College at Indooroopilly–  a part of the Queensland Government’s Flying Start Capital Assistance Scheme to develop facilities for Year 7 students across Queensland.  The build is being undertaken by client Kenbar Construction. And to top it all off – a 12m3 bin for client Quadric who are demolishing and refurbishing the Boondall Police Station.  Clients appreciate the level of service – deliveries and picks ups to suit their schedules, helpful advice on the best waste removal option and an Account Manager on call for account clients.

Kartaway Queensland would like to thank all their clients and customers for their support during 2013 and wish everyone a very happy festive season.


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