Recycling Building Materials in Queensland

When you hire a skip or bin for building, renovations or rebuilding most building materials you put into the bin or skip can be recycled.

Recycling Concrete

Recycling concrete has many benefits.  For example, it saves on landfill, when used for gravel reduces gravel mining, reduces pollution when used as the base material for roadways, one ton of recycled cement saves 1,360 gallons of water and 900 kg of co2, and recycling keeps construction costs down.

Concrete is crushed in crushing machines at a specialist facility. These facilities accept only uncontaminated concrete, so trash, wood, paper and similar materials must be removed. Metals can be removed at the facility with magnets and are then melted down for recycling elsewhere. Once crushed other particulates are filtered out and these fines and aggregates are sold to local councils, government departments, builders, plumbers, civil contractors and landscapers for use within the building and construction industry.

Recycling Bricks

Bricks can simply be cleaned then re-used for buildings or projects, such as landscaping and wall construction. Alternatively, they can be recycled for landscape material when crushed into brick chips. When crushed into finer particles they can be used in manufacturing road-base, track and drainage material, fill sand or even to make new bricks.

Recycling Soil

Recycling Depots will inevitably receive large amounts of soil with many truck loads of waste, particularly from building sites or landscapers, as soil is picked up along with the waste when it is loaded. This soil is put through several screens to produce a finer product that can be  re-used.

Recycling Plaster

Gyprock or Plaster boards can be recycled.  The board is separated to create a gypsum powder, and can be achieved quite efficiently where high quantities are available. This plaster powder is nearly as good as the virgin quality.


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