Queensland Government’s Waste Reduction & Recycling Targets Are Welcome

Kartaway welcomes the Queensland Government’s waste strategy targets to reduce waste going to landfill by 25% this year, representing 4.6 million tonnes, and 50% by 2020, representing 16.3million tonnes. Kartaway are leaders in recycling and waste management and support the Government’s targets for increasing the recycling of household waste to 84 kg per person per year in 2014 and 150 Kg per person per year by 2020.

Recognising that there is a trend towards recycling and resource recovery world-wide and unprecedented growth in the industry and that Queensland has been missing the opportunity to benefit financially from this emerging industry, a strategy has been developed to provide vision and drive reform.  Queensland’s outdated waste management framework has had investors looking to other states to invest in their recycling and recovery programs.

Apart from the financial benefits to the state, environmental and social factors have also been considered. Potential leachate, odour and greenhouse gas emission impacts from landfill are major environmental concerns. As more waste is created and disposed of in landfill areas, more land is required for landfill. Finding suitable sites that don’t impact on nearby land uses, such as residential areas, becomes more difficult and expensive, leading to higher costs to ratepayers.

The Government has adopted the waste and resource management hierarchy in its strategy, an internationally accepted guide for prioritising waste and resource management practices. The order of preference for managing waste is:

  1. Waste reduction
  2. Re-use
  3. Recycle
  4. Other recovery
  5. Treat
  6. Dispose

The goal is to move to a more cyclical system where resources are recovered and recycled again and again, making better use of finite resources. Kartaway Queensland recycle wherever possible, and embrace the new opportunities to recycle and recover a greater percentage of waste collected that this strategy will bring about.


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