Disposal of Waste Tyres and Tyre Stockpiling a Problem in Queensland

Tyre stockpiling has become a problem once again since March, when Queensland’s Department of Environment removed tyre storage from its list of Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs) in the Environmental Protection Regulation. Industry Associations such as the Waste Recycling Industry Association Queensland and the Australian Council of Recycling have voiced their concern. Inside Waste reported that the department has responded unsatisfactorily to these bodies and that, according to WRIQ, the department said “As there is no evidence of releases of contaminants from the operation of tyre storage facilities with the potential to cause significant environmental harm, it is not appropriate to use environmental  licensing as a tool to regulate this activity”.

CEO of ACOR, Grant Musgrove in his submission to the Department of Environment has suggested that the department should review its draft ERA 59 on tyre recycling, particularly the risk assessment, as it fails to address the true environmental and social risks in relation to tyre storage and stockpiling.  The financial risk to legitimate tyre recyclers is also of concern because recycled products do not reflect the costs of recycling.

He recommends that the draft prescribed ERAs should take into consideration the entire tyre supply chain. It is important that regulations are in place to ensure operators that charge customers to collect tyres for recycling do actually recycle or dispose of the tyres without negative impacts on the environment and to human health. For example, there are rogue operators and organised criminals who pay less for the removal of tyres, claiming that the tyres are being stored “temporarily”. Unfortunately, most do not recycle or dispose of the tyres responsibly and stockpiling has re-emerged.  Used tyres are being stored in facilities not purpose built to offset the risk of long lasting “oil fires” generated by waste tyres.  Fires were generated from stockpiled tyres in Salisbury and Willawong resulting in loss of life and $15million in damages. The environmental costs of these fires is high, waterways, soil and the air are all affected adversely, also posing a risk to human health.

Kartaway Queensland are an environmentally responsible waste management provider, recycling waste wherever possible.

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Rod McDonald New Sunshine Coast Regional Manager for Waste Management Company

Kartaway Queensland Waste Management Company are glad to welcome their new Sunshine Coast Regional Manager, Rod McDonald who has 25 years experience in the horticultural, landscaping and construction industries. During that time he established effective communication channels and successful relationships with people across these industries. He says “Treating all stakeholders in my business as equally important links in the supply chain ensures that input from everyone contributes to optimum efficiency and delivers required outcomes to all.” Rod is also experienced in the efficient management of warehousing and operations, ensuring the maintenance of sufficient stock levels to service the needs of clients and deliver within timeframes required. The skills developed in these industries will translate well into his new career path, managing a thriving waste management company.

Undertaking a Master of Business Administration degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2009/2010, he put a theoretical framework around the experience he gained throughout his career. He has found this invaluable in providing a much better understanding of the many principles involved in running a business, including strategic management, financial and human resources management, corporate governance, cultural issues on a business and geographic level and for developing his own leadership.

Contributing to Industry Associations, he has taken active roles as President, Secretary and general committee member. In addition to getting to know his clients better in a social atmosphere he has found this involvement also provided a deeper understanding of the problems and issues facing businesses involved in the respective industries.

Rod says “I am looking forward to the challenges of working in the waste industry, getting to know and understand the issues facing us and our clients and using this to further strengthen and grow the Kartaway brand. I am excited at the prospect of continuing to learn the operational side of the business while at the same time putting my understanding of management and administrative functions into action to implement strategies and processes to streamline the operation of the Sunshine Coast branch of Kartaway Qld.”  To discuss your waste management strategies call Rod on 07 5443 4048.

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Queensland Waste Management Smooth Operators

Satisfied contractors make for a smooth operation when it comes to running a waste management business. State Manager for Kartaway Queensland, Blair O’Brien is delighted to announce that Andrew Burton from A & C Company has signed up as a contractor for another two years following five successful years contracting to Kartaway, picking up and delivering waste for their customers in Brisbane.

Andrew has also upgraded his truck enabling Kartaway to offer improved services to their customers. The new truck is a IZUZU FRR600 GVM 11t with a West Trans Bi-Fold Hoist. The new truck has the capacity to pick up a greater volume 7.5GVM – 11 GVM whereas his previous truck of 7.5t had a lower capacity and he could only service 2m and 3m bins. He is now able to service 4m bins and with the better hoist (Bi-Fold) he can also provide a faster changeover of bins onsite.  With this increased capacity Andrew and Kartaway can service more clients in a day and provide a more efficient service.

As well as 2m,3m and 4m bins Kartaway can also supply Brisbane customers with 6m, 12m, 15m walk in bins with doors at rear and 23m and 3m walk in bins.. They also have branches on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

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Queensland Waste Management – A Novel Approach

Queensland does not have the overcrowding problems that the city of Sydney are experiencing and therefore not quite the same problems with overflowing rubbish in city residential areas.  It was so severe in one inner suburb of Sydney that the Council has decided upon a waste management strategy that involves residents having pin numbers to access chutes to dump their rubbish into!  The chutes lead to an underground waste collection area and incorporates scissor lifts to bring the rubbish bins up to street level for emptying.

Kartaway has helped many of their corporate customers and schools with similar rubbish management problems.  One of their customers had so many wheelie bins on the loading dock that they couldn’t receive goods.  Kartaway introduced their nifty CP50 compactor units, one for recycling cardboard and one for general waste.  As the units are compact and don’t take up much room they were able to find an underutilised space where they could be placed, out of the way.  The compactors compact waste down so the frequency of pick- ups is minimised and the space required for storage of waste is also minimised.

With the introduction of the compactor unit the loading dock was freed of wheelie bins and deliveries could once again be received.  The friendly team in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Cold Coast are experienced in waste management and are willing and able to assist your organisation to develop a unique waste management plan that answers all your needs.  Contact Kartaway Queensland on 1300 362 362 and speak to an account manager about your waste needs and how a he can develop a customised waste management program for your organisation.

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Have You Liked Kartaway Queensland Facebook To Win A Skip Bin?

Have you liked Kartaway Queensland on Facebook?  You can win a FREE 3m skip bin if you are one of the first 400 ‘likes’ on the page.  Just go to the Kartaway Queensland Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kartaway-Queensland/117789101753492
click on  ‘Like’ at the top of the page and you will be in the running.  Kartaway service Brisbane, The Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast with skips and bins, so if you live there you are eligible to get a free skip delivered to your place and picked up again once it’s full for free if you win!
Builders, Landscapers, Renovators and Home Owners or Renters can all use a 3m skip bin from time to time. They are just the right size for a clean-up at the end of a job, or for getting rid of old bricks, timber, old tiles, sheet iron, old white goods, concrete, old car parts and green waste.

Kartaway Queensland also have a range of larger bins suitable for bigger home clean-ups and larger renovation jobs and suitable for Builders and Landscapers work; there is a good range of walk in bins, some with rear doors.
Bin Sizes suitable for Builders, Landscapers, Home Clean-ups and Renovations:

Brisbane –

  •  4m skip bins
  •  6m walk in bins with doors at the rear
  •  12m walk in bins with doors at the rear
  •  15m walk in bins with doors at the rear

Gold Coast –

  • 4m skip bin
  • 7m walk in bins
  • 10m walk in bins

Sunshine Coast –

  •  4m skip bins
  • 6 walk in bins with doors at the rear
  • 9 walk in bins with doors at the rear
  • 12 walk in bins with doors at the rear

To discuss the best size for your job or clean up and to order call 1300 362 362.

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Like Kartaway Queensland FB for a Free Skip

Now you can win a free 3m skip bin simply by liking the Kartaway Queensland Facebook page. Just go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kartaway-Queensland/117789101753492
click on  ‘Like’ and you will be in the running with the first 400 ‘likes’ on the page to win a free 3m skip bin.  Whether you live in Brisbane, The Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast if you win you will get a free skip delivered to your place and picked up again once it’s full at no cost.

What can you use a 3m skip bin for? 

  • Builders & Landscapers – A great size for a final clean-up at the end of a job.
  • Homeowners – You can dispose of all those items you can’t put in the recycling bin at home. Get rid of bricks, old white goods, green waste, concrete, old car parts and excess soil and clay.
  • Home Renovators – You can dispose of old bricks, timber, sheet iron, old tiles and old bathroom fittings.

How much waste fits in a 3m skip bin?
It’s  about the same amount of waste you would put out on the footpath for a council hard waste collection.

What is the advantage of a skip bin?
You don’t need to wait for a council hard waste collection day.  You can use the skip bin whenever you need to get rid of your waste. You can get rid of sorts of waste the council won’t take. You’ll find that council hard waste collection has limitations on the types of waste permitted, which doesn’t always fit the type of waste you need to get rid of.

Call 1300 362 362 to order a bin to suit your job and remember to like the Kartaway Queensland Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kartaway-Queensland/117789101753492

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Queensland Kartaway and Waste Management in Australia

The National Waste Report 2010 is a first step towards establishing baseline data and developing a strong and comprehensive knowledge base on waste management and resource recovery in Australia.  Some key findings were:

Waste generated:

  • In 2006–07 43, 777, 000 tonnes of waste were generated in Australia.
  • The construction and demolition waste stream contributed the most at 38 per cent,
  •  The commercial and industrial waste stream contributed 33 per cent
  • The municipal solid waste stream contributed 29 per cent.

The amount of waste generated grew by 31 per cent between 2002–03 and 2006–07. If waste generation grows at 4.5percent per year, Australia will generate 81,072,593 tonnes of waste in 2020–21. Each person in Australia generated around 2080 kilograms (2.08 tonnes) of waste in 2006–07, of which 1080kilograms (1.08 tonnes) was recycled and 1000 kilograms (1.0 tonnes) were sent to landfill


In 2006–07  21, 069, 000 tonnes or 48 per cent of Australia’s waste went to landfill.
In Australia there were at least 665 landfills operating in 2008. Australia has sufficient landfill capacity for the immediate future in most of the larger urban centres. There has been improvement in landfill standards in Australia in the past 20 years, with many larger landfills having controls such as leachate management systems, liners and landfill gas capture. Controls could be further improved for small-to medium sized landfill sites.

Kartaway are leaders in the field of waste management and are strongly committed to environmentally sound practices. Kartaway supply a wide range of skips and bins in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast to householders, schools, shopping complexes, businesses, builders, body corporates and food courts . Their friendly team will give you advice on the most suitable skip, bin or full waste management program, simply call 1300 362 362 or email sales@kartaway.com.au.
More information on the National Waste Report 2010 at http://www.environment.gov.au/settlements/waste/publications/pubs/fs-national-waste-report-2010.pdf

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